Star Trek: The Motion Picture (Manor Bread)

This set contains 33 cards and highlights Star Trek: The Motion Picture movie. Each bread item contained one card. These cards are generally sold as a complete set. There were four bread companies to distribute the same set of cards. Each bread company set is identified by the company logo on the back of the cards. This particular bread set is said to be the hardest to complete.
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Released Cards per Item Production Run Card Size Manufacturer Country
1979 1 Unknown 2½” x 3½” Topps United States

Base Set

A Topps Picture Card Series
No Image Available2
Toward the Unknown
No Image Available3
"Our Starcrafts ... Annihilated!"
No Image Available
Filming 'Drydock' Sequence
No Image Available5
James T. Kirk
No Image Available6
Captain Kirk's Mission
No Image Available
Dr. 'Bones' McCoy
No Image Available8
Executive Officer Decker
No Image Available9
Navigator Ilia
No Image Available
Helmsman Sulu
No Image Available11
Security Chief Chekov
No Image Available12
Dr. Christine Chapel
No Image Available
Janice Rand
No Image Available14
The Vulcan Mr. Spock
No Image Available15
Lizard-Like Diplomat
No Image Available
Andorian Close-up
No Image Available17
Return to the Bridge
No Image Available18
The Senior Officers
No Image Available
Scotty's Domain
No Image Available20
Investigating a Malfunction
No Image Available21
Starship Under Attack!
No Image Available
Assault on Chekov!
No Image Available23
The Surak Craft
No Image Available24
Transporter Malfunction
No Image Available
Zero Gravity Adventure
No Image Available26
Ilia In Sick Bay
No Image Available27
The Landing Party
No Image Available
Spectacular Starship
No Image Available29
Welcoming Dr. McCoy Aboard
No Image Available30
Klingon Warship - Rear View
No Image Available
The Unearthly Mr. Spock
No Image Available32
Woman from Planet Delta
No Image Available33
New Starfleet Uniforms
No Image Available

Other Items

Uncut Sheet of 33 Cards
No Image AvailableUncut Sheet of 132 Cards
Star Trek The Motion Picture Manor Bread Uncut Sheet 132 Cards