Why do you list prices for items?
Non-Sport Update magazine produces a price guide but it is static and the prices don’t seem to match what the items are actually selling for online, so most people use Ebay for their price information, however, sometimes Ebay won’t have any sale prices for the item you are looking for. Many cards or sets only sell a few times a year. With only zero or one sale price for a particular item in Ebay’s history, it’s difficult to judge an item’s value. Looking at the complete sale price history for an item on this site can give you a better picture.

Ebay only lets you search 3 months of sale history. Can I see more on this site?
Yes, price history doesn’t expire on this site. Currently there are 0 price entries for the last three months and 10173 price entries older than three months.

How do you determine the sale price of an item?
The sale price is a total cost of the item. For Ebay it is the sale price plus shipping. For local purchases it would be the sale price plus tax.

How are the prices on the set pages generated?
The prices listed on the set pages are an average of the five most recent, non professionally graded, price entries. You may still view all the price entries (beyond the five most recent) by going to the item detail page.

Can I add new sale prices?
Sure, simply create an account and drop me a message asking to have your privileges bumped up.


Card Identifier

I can’t find the Star Trek trading card I’m looking for.
Try using the card identifier to locate your card.

What exactly is the card identifier?
If you have a Star Trek trading card and you want to find out what set it belongs to or what it’s value is but you can’t find it in the set index, the card identifier should be able to locate the set your card belongs to.

Why would it be hard to find a Star Trek card in the set index?
Because Star Trek cards don’t always match their printed dates with set release dates, it can be difficult for new collectors to find which set a card belongs to. For example, The Original Series Portfolio Prints was released in 2014 but the sketch cards in that set show a date of 2007 on them. It would be unreasonable to expect a new collector to know they are a part of a set released seven years after they were drawn. With the card identifier you can select the year “2007” and select “Yes” for original art and find your card in the results showing you which set it belongs to!

Do I have to answer all the questions on the card identifier search form?
No! Only answer the minimum number of questions to find your card. For example, you can type “James Doohan” in the Item Title box and select “Yes” for Autograph Card and it will show you all 14 James Doohan autograph cards in the database. You can refine your search by selecting “SkyBox” from the manufacturer drop down and it will give you 8 results and finally if you also select “2000” for the year printed on the card it will give you one result.



Why does it take forever to load a set page?
Right now, I have the cache software disabled for logged in users. Since each set page has to be built and isn’t static, it can take up to 30 seconds before it pushes it out to you. For faster set load times, log out and it will serve you cached pages at a much faster speed.

Why do some cards show the copyright date on set pages?
If the copyright year printed on the card is different from the set release year, it will show the copyright year for the card. This helps in identifying the card you are looking for.

Can I add new pictures or change item details?
Sure, simply create an account and drop me a message asking to have your privileges bumped up to edit items.

How do I view a detail page for a card or other item?
Simply click on the item number, name or price to view the detail page. Click on the picture to view a higher resolution image.

I want to be able to participate in the forums but it won’t let me post.
You must create an account and verify your email address before you will be allowed to post.

What future improvements will you implement?
I want to make the card identifier better and the results should be clickable to take you to the item detail page. I also want to make the forum more user friendly. I would like to make the set information header on the set pages look nicer. I need to make an “about” page with actual information. I need to improve the website background. I would like to start a blog on the site. Mostly I will be scanning images of cards and uploading them which takes forever! As I find sets that aren’t listed I will also be adding those to the database.