Original Crew Series One

This set was included with biographical comics made by Personality Comics. Each comic contained one card. There were also 750 complete sets made with the checklist card being signed and numbered by the artist. This set is the first in two sets focused on Star Trek: The Original Series.
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Released Cards per Comic Production Run Card Size Manufacturer Country
1991 1 Unknown 2½” x 3½” Personality Comics United States

Base Set

Bill Shatner
No Image Available2
That's Director Spock to you, Pal
No Image Available3
Gullet for Hire
No Image Available
Captain Comic Book
No Image Available5
Who's Bruce Hyde
No Image Available6
Wally Koenig
No Image Available
George Takei
No Image Available8
Mark Lenard, Superstar
No Image Available9
Scotty Doohan
No Image Available
I am not Spock
No Image Available11
In Search of Spock
No Image Available12
Never forget
No Image Available
Alas, Poor Yorick
No Image Available14
Enlightened Despot
No Image Available15
There Is Life After Star Trek
No Image Available
Star Trek V: The Flop
No Image Available17
A Five Year Mission To Get Punks Off The Streets
No Image Available18
Jimmy Doohan
No Image Available
Welcome Back, Grace Lee
No Image Available20
Femme Fatale
No Image Available21
A True Woman Of Space
No Image Available
Music Of The Spheres
No Image Available23
Terran Businesswoman
No Image Available24
Majel Leigh Hudek
No Image Available
Third Times A Charm
No Image Available26
No Image Available27
Deforest Kelly
No Image Available
Paris Is Great
No Image Available29
Traffic Activist
No Image Available30
The Twilight Zone
No Image Available
A Tired Country Doctor
No Image Available32
Rescue 911
No Image Available33
The Way I Feel
No Image Available
Proud Canadian
No Image Available35
No Image Available36
Door Opener
No Image Available
Checklist (Unsigned)
No Image Available

Other Items

Set With Signed Checklist Card
(750 Made)
No Image Available