Beckett Offers Free Star Trek Trading Card Price Guide

In honor of Star Trek’s 50th anniversary, Beckett is offering a free Star Trek price guide. The Guide covers regular trading cards as well as CCG cards and action figures. The price guide is 39 pages long and quite comprehensive compared to the Non-Sports Update’s Star Trek section of their price guide. Some of the…
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Star Trek Cereal Box Poster

This cereal box poster for “Star Trek Galile-Os” popped up on ebay and I thought it was worth mentioning.  It’s not a poster of a real ceral box so it’s meant to be humorous.  On the front of the box it says, “Star Trek Collector Cards! FREE! On the back of every box!”. On the…
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Star Trek 50th Anniversary Trading Cards

Rittenhouse Archives has released it’s newest set covering most of the Star Trek universe. The set theme revolves around the 100 greatest moments in Star Trek TV and movie history. The 100 card base set is foil etched. Each card covers a historic moment in the Star Trek universe. Noticeably absent from the set was…
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New Star Trek 50 Artists 50 Years Set From Rittenhouse

Rittenhouse Archives has released a new set of cards on August 6th 2016 titled 50 Artists 50 Years. The set is composed of 100 cards with no chase cards and is sold as a complete boxed set. Many of the cards will form large montages when placed in nine card pages. Rittenhouse states the cards…
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Tribble Fur Prop Card

This VaultCollectibles exclusive prop card features “tribble” fur from a tribble used in the filming of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Trials and Tribble-ations.”  The card is in excellent condition and comes in a screw-down card case for easy display.  Amount/placement of ‘fur’ may be slightly different than one pictured but is essentially the…
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